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January 12 1998, 1998
Volume 42, Number 1
January 12
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Cover Story

Cuba's Next Revolution
How Christians are reshaping Castro's Communist stronghold.
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Sandi Patty Stages Comeback
Sandi Patty Stages Comeback
How Should We Pray for Cuba?
What Really Died in Oregon
The state's voter-approved suicide law represents more than an extreme belief in personal autonomy.
Brothers to the Rescue Pawn in Policy Discord
Bittersweet Cuban Memories
Wanted: A New Pro-life Strategy
Twenty-five years after Roe, and 37 million abortions later, we have to admit we are losing the fight.
Roe v. McCorvey
What made ‘Roe’ betray the pro-choice cause?
The Only Way
Answering the argument that all religions are more or less true.
Vishal Mangalwadi
Christian intellectual Vishal Mangalwadi explains why India's experiment in democracy has failed.
Swift Growth Shapes Potter's House
Swift Growth Shapes Potter's House
Top Religion Stories of 1997
(as selected by CT editors and writers)
The Apostle Shows Grit, Grace
The Apostle Shows Grit, Grace
Suit Challenges Religion Classes Credit
Suit Challenges Religion Classes Credit
Vineyard: Vineyard Founder Wimber Dies
Todd Hunter seen as possible successor.
Born-again Christians Lead Norway
Born-again Christians Lead Norway
Pottery Shard Points to Temple
Pottery Shard Points to Temple
Evangelicals, Catholics Issue Salvation Accord
China’s Leaders Critical of ’Clandestine’ Missions
Madison Avenue’s Spiritual Chic
The typical television commercial is "a morality play for our time."