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April 28 1997, 1997
Volume 41, Number 5
April 28
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Marching Orders
Stop Cloning Around
In the flurry of scientific boundary breaking, let's remember that humans are not sheep.
Meeting Darwin's Wager (Part I)
How biochemist Michael Behe uses a mousetrap to challenge evolutionary theory.
Outsiders No More
How conservative Christians scrapped, wheedled, and bargained for their place at the table.
Boy Preacher Turns Friendly Critic
An interview with William Martin.
Adding Up the Trinity
What is stimulating the renewed interest in what many consider the most enigmatic Christian doctrine?
Finding the Will to Embrace the Enemy
What it means to follow the crucified Christ in the midst of ethnic and racial conflict.
A Cultural Literacy Primer
Ten resources Christians need for understanding today's world.
The Rich Christian
How Ron Sider has changed in the 20 years since his first book.
Church Zoning: Permission Denied
Municipalities and neighbors are increasingly resistant to church construction and expansion.
NAE Convention: NAE Rebuffs GOP Pressure
Catholic Influence Questioned
Catholic Influence Questioned
High Court Floating Bubble Zones
High Court Pops Floating Bubble Zones
Promise Keepers Gather Black Leaders
Promise Keepers Gathers Black Leaders
Operation Blessing Employees Take Off
Operation Blessing Employees Take Off
Trust Funds Audited Amid Complaint
Trust Funds Audited Amid Complaint
Can We Still Pledge Allegiance?
Recent Supreme Court decisions have short-circuited the democratic process.