Generation X does not trust organized religion. When confronted with questions about God, many bypass their local pastor and, instead, cruise the information highway, asking questions, sharing opinions, looking for answers. CT entered the world of chat rooms and message boards, via America Online, to hear busters give their opinions on God, the church, and being a member of Generation X.

How can churches serve our generation? By acknowledging that everyone has their faults, by supporting people in crisis without judging and by facing the issues we deal with every day. Our generation is very practical: Show me relevance. Help me deal with career decisions, morality, AIDS, dysfunctional families, substance abuse.

- Maria, 21 years old

Los Angeles, CA


The church must stop propagating itself as the be-all and end-all of morality and come forth humbly with the acknowledgment that it is not perfect.

- Tim, 17 years old

Philadelphia, Penn.


If you have questions, how do you talk to a minister who has no question to ask or who makes himself unapproachable? For a generation who have found much of what they believe to be false, lots of doubt exists.

I believe that, as a whole, the world has become so corrupt that God has given us almost total free will and we're destroying ourselves.

- Mistie, 20 years old

Houston, Tex.


Organized religion is the problem with society. There is no need for church. If people did stuff for themselves, rather than spending time asking God to do it, it would get done faster.

- Ken, 16 years old

Philadelphia, Pa.


Generation X has a very sophisticated ear. They need contemporary music. A back beat is a must. After they are in church, they can learn to appreciate hymns, but not as unbelievers.

Also, the church must become more accepting. The Bible clearly calls us to love sinners and to hate their sin. Most churches do one or the other polarizing people.

- Art, 29 years old

Seattle, Washington


I believe God is the embodiment of all humankind's hopes, and when man's hopes have faded, then so will God. I am not a Christian, nor do I believe in the supernatural, omnipotent God; but I do believe that organized religion and the belief of God does benefit those who have despair in their lives.

- Matthew, 17 years old

Brick, NJ.


The reason that Generation Xers are more interested in our relationships with the Creator is that it appears to us the boomers especially live a rather empty existence. We Xers would rather be happy than rich, and seek to become close to the Divine that we see surrounding us.

- Lynne, 28 years old

Minneapolis, Minn.


I don't like the name Generation X. I hate being lumped into a category, especially when that category makes us sound like a bunch of people with no direction in life. I'm proud of my generation, and think we're going to accomplish a lot.

- Erin, 17 years old

Baltimore, Md.


I think calling our generation Generation X is a bunch of baloney. By labeling a generation, you are only giving the people in it excuse not to break free of that stereotype and letting a generation rationalize laziness because it is their lot in life. All my friends and I are very high achievers; we go out and make something of life for ourselves, not sit back and moan about how our generation is cursed. Life is what you make of it. Everyone has problems, but also the potential to overcome these problems if they put their minds to it.

- Kathryn, 18 years old

Warren, R.I.


We should all treat one another "right." If that's what you want to call love, be my guest. Love is wonderful, and we should give love to as many people as we can; but why does a supreme being need or even want our love?

I think it's mighty arrogant for us to assume that if an ultimate being exists and did create the universe, they did it for us. What in the world could we possible offer a god with this power? Why would he be so concerned with a race of gnats as ourselves?

- Scott, 23 years old

Atlanta, Ga.


I used to want to be a Super Christian. The reason I stopped pursuing that goal was because I had no role models. All the people from my church are hypocrites.



Today religions are too consumed in playing God rather than showing the greatness of the real GOD. This is a highly charged topic among young folks—either they're always talking about it or never talking about it.

- 18 years old

Seattle, Wa.

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