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October 24 1994, 1994
Volume 38, Number 12
October 24
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Cover Story

Re-engineering the Seminary?
Crisis of credibility forces change.
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Get Real
EDITORIAL: Cairo’s Wake-up Call
Although abortion was dealt a setback at the UN population conference, post-Christian values are gaining worldwide.
EDITORIAL: Take Us Out of the Ball Game
Life indeed goes on, even when grown men in knickers take their gloves and go home.
ARTICLE: Shouting Heresy in the Temple of Darwin
Naturalism has become the civil religion of our universities. A game plan for Christian response
ARTICLE: The Good Capitalist
Michael Novak's theology of liberation
ARTICLE: Why They Helped the Jews
What we can learn from the Righteous Gentiles of the Holocaust.
ARTICLE: The Translator’s Tale
Celebrating the five-hundredth birthday of William Tyndale, the father of the English Bible.
Is Laughing for the Lord Holy?
Airport Vineyard's "Blessing" draws Toronto charismatic crowds.
President, Quayle Tout Values Theme
Ministers Decry 'Censorship'
Clinton Intervenes in RFRA Test Case
Prolifers Arrested in Cairo
State's Religious Ed Questioned in Nicaragua
Evangelicals are leery of religious education proposal.
Tunnel Mystery Unearthed
Gridiron Star Tackles Urban Inner City Problems
Football star tackles nontraditional investment.
Whose Feminism?
BOOKS: Getting to Yes