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What I'm Reading and Tweeting (and How to Find a Good and Perfect Gift)Down syndrome in ancient art, Jesus isn't white, men doing housework, and more...

I've heard lately that it's hard to get a high-quality copy of A Good and Perfect Gift. And I'm sorry about that! Apparently Amazon is printing its own copies, which means that if you order one there (for the low-low price of $6.98, which should have been a clue), instead of a beautiful matte-finished cover with creamy thick pages inside, you will receive a glossy cover with bright white copy paper inside. So if you don't care about how the book looks, go for it with Amazon. But if you want the higher quality one, for the moment you'll need to order it directly from my publisher, Bethany House (for $11.99). Hopefully independent booksellers will get it back in stock soon, but at the moment there are no copies available on the east coast, so you need to go straight to the source.

In other book news, I'm making my way through Toxic Charity: How Churches and Charities Hurt Those They Help (and How to Reverse It). For anyone who participated in a gift or food drive this season, as we did, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, I've been getting to bed late and just skimming through articles on my phone so here you go:

What I'm Tweeting About Disability:

Simplest way to raise #awareness about#DownSyndrome this #holiday season @MarkWLeach ow.ly/rPa4c

 #InternationalDownSyndromeCoalition http://ow.ly/rPc11 #DownSyndrome#Outreach @HuffPostBlog

 #DownSyndrome in Ancient #Art http://ow.ly/rUboU @Rifton #Christmas http://ow.ly/i/44jDY

 #Belgium: Senate Approves Measure Allowing Doctors to #EuthanizeChildren@StevenErtelt http://ow.ly/rUaL6 #Disability

What I'm Tweeting About Faith and Family:

 A Busy #Advent Doesn't Make You a Bad#Christian @EllenPDollar #Christmas http://ow.ly/rUalv

 #housework #debate: is it time men pick up their swiffers & start doing more #chores?http://ow.ly/rUdl9 @DKThomp @TheAtlantic

Location, location, location: Understanding why "Insisting #Jesus Was White Is Bad History and Bad #Theology" http://ow.ly/rUei8

And What I'm Tweeting About Stuff I Find Interesting and Think You Might Too: 

Giving #alcoholics jobs and paying them in beer: gracious or absurd? http://ow.ly/rPauI #unemployed #tolerance @nytimes

One way that #doctors stand out from the general population is in advance planning for the #EndofLife http://ow.ly/rPcAf @nytimes

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