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Looking for Spiritual Encouragement?

I'm a technophobe. In fact, my husband and I suspect that I might be technologically cursed. (Things like little Mac symbols we didn't know still existed–anyone remember the image of a bomb? I still get those . . . or devices shutting down automatically in my presence . . . or my husband telling me exactly what to do, watching me do it, watching when it fails, and then doing exactly the same thing himself with no problems whatsoever . . .)

So that's why I find it somewhat ironic, though great, that I am on an app. It's an app for the iPhone or iPad called Reflect, and it is designed specifically for women to find spiritual encouragement and accountability.

It's free, and you can download it to your iPhone by looking up "Reflect App for Women." I'm featured right now under "Resources" in the article called "Learning to be Content." I'd love to know what you think!

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