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Wednesday Link List: John Piper on Charismatic "Abuse," Duck Dynasty Wines Prompt Whines, And More

Welcome to the Land of Linkin'

If your work week runs Monday to Friday, by noon on Wednesday you're 'over the hump,' but the Baptist in me still blushes when someone says, "Happy Hump Day!" With that, I think we'd better quickly move on to the links...

  • You can't walk the hallways of the Christian internet without running into Calvinists, but Lutherans are stronger numerically. So why don't Lutherans have greater influence?
  • Atheists may not believe, but they want to belong. More accurately, they want to help serve.
  • With the Duck Dynasty people entering into a licensing deal with a winemaker, it's no surprise that Free Will Baptist Family Ministries cancelled an upcoming appearance by Willie Robertson to raise funds for a Christian school building project.
  • Quote of the Week: John Piper – "...we really need to keep in mind that every charismatic abuse has its mirror image in non-charismatic abuses. Nothing I am going to say is unique to charismatics. In some of these cases, the non-charismatic church is more guilty than the charismatic." Read more.
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