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November 2013

The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 79- Sweaty Atheists and Drew Dyck
Leadership's managing editor talks about his book, "Generation Ex-Christian."
Honest Questions about Same Sex Attraction
A gay Christian responds to Stanton Jones's article.
The Fragile Kingdom
Don't marvel that the church falls apart. Marvel that it holds together at all.
Should You Blame Steven Furtick for Higher Taxes?
A federal judge strikes down pastors' housing allowances. Lawyer cites mega-church "mansions."
Friday Five Interview: Mark Buchanan
The teacher and former pastor talks transitions, inciting riots, and writing.
Pitchfork and Pentecostals
What do we lose when we control our worship too much?
Four Keys to Effective Communications
Develop a lens through which to examine—plan and evaluate—communication pieces.
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