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October 2010

A Purer Heart, Thanks to a Prodigal
One woman's powerful story led me to ask some honest, soul-searching questions.
The Ambition Engine
Ambition can drive us to service to God and others, or it can be a veneer that hides far less noble motivations.
Why Are Ministers Considered Less Trustworthy than Politicians?
An emphasis on relational ministry is more important than ever.
Lessons from the Lausanne Gathering
The Cape Town congress reveals the blessings, and burdens, of the global body of Christ.
Walking through a Graveyard
There's nothing like an open grave to offer a glimpse of life.
Living the Compassionate Life
Jesus never called us to do service projects, he asked us to become servants.
Book Review: The Next Christians
Gabe Lyons' new book explains why the end of Christian America is good news.
Lausanne Congress Day 4: Conflict and Reconciliation
Cape Town demonstrates that Christians are not immune to conflict, but neither are they strangers to reconciliation.
Why Are We Planning Instead of Ministering?
Good strategic planning is transformational.
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