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What Children Really Believe

Time goes by fast.

It seems like only yesterday that my wife faced contractions coming every 30 seconds as we raced to the hospital to deliver our daughter. And then just two months ago, she turned 13. My daughter, that is. In six short weeks, my wife turns … a number unimportant to this column.

However, that 13th birthday deserves more attention. A few minutes of research revealed a half-dozen statistics of interest to anyone serious about reaching kids these days. Read through these numbers and you'll understand more about the young lives in your program.

On my daughter's birthday (July 26, 1996), approximately 10,682 births took place in the United States on that typical, single day. No wonder the U.S. spends $7.5 billion on greeting cards every year. I prefer to send free e-cards; except to my wife, of course.

Now for the interesting facts:

Of the 10,682 children born that day, 3,738 live in a single-parent home. Some areas of the country experience higher rates than others. This ...

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