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How to Develop Leaders in Your Church

Fit each person’s unique gifts.

Bill Hybels once said, "The church is the hope of the world, and leaders are the hope of the church." Who among us with any local church experience would disagree? I'm not aware of any church that would post a sign on its marquee out front announcing, "No leaders needed!"

So why don't churches develop leaders? The number one reason is that most simply do not know how. Also, many churches simply do not have the time. It is difficult, if not impossible, for the senior pastor to find the time as well as have the expertise to develop and maintain such a vital process—especially in a large church. And if you leave their development up to the leaders themselves, it may be sporadic at best, if it happens at all. A third is that Satan does not want churches to develop leaders because of the positive impact such a process will have in promoting God's kingdom over Satan's.

A Model for Developing Leaders

What then should leadership development look like? I'm convinced that a good strategy is two-fold. ...

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