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The Sprawling Missional Campus

Providing people a place to practice their faith may require facilities the community lacks.

I used to be a school teacher before I was in pastoral ministry, and after a few years as a pastor, I became discouraged, because people weren't becoming disciples. I said, This isn't working. I went away to pray, and the Lord reminded me, "Discipleship is about education, and have you forgotten everything you learned about education?"

A lecture is the worst form of education, but we were giving people a big lecture on Sundays and not asking them to come to a lab and practice. Discipling is a verb, not a spectator sport.

I now try never to preach a message that doesn't give an opportunity for participation. Suppose I'm preaching Matthew 25, "Go visit the prisoner, give water to the thirsty." I also have to give a way for people to succeed in doing that.

Most people are not going to, on their own, call a prison chaplain and figure out when to volunteer. Most don't know a poor person, so (I know, it sounds crazy) I've got to provide them a way to meet poor people. They may be willing to take ...

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