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June 2007

Work, Worship, Sabbath
Last month, many readers responded to my column on Sabbath. Many of the comments and questions were focused on rules: which day of the week should it be? What should be prohibited?
Justice, Do It
Before trying to engage globally start practicing justice locally.
Justice-ified by Faith
Preventing social justice from becoming just another program in the church.
Leader's Insight: Ministry Gone Stale
Do leaders have a shelf life?
How do you motivate your congregation to bring friends and family each week?
Dave Ferguson is lead pastor of Community Christian Church, a multi-site, missional community in the Chicagoland area.
The Organic Bible
Reading God's Word with no artificial additives.
Leader's Insight: Sidelined by Failure
What to do when your best players drop the ball.
Teaching Preschoolers that Jesus Loves
Teaching Preschoolers that Jesus Loves
How can we help children ages 3-5 experience Jesus?
Faith & Politics after the Religious Right
Brian McLaren on the future of Christians in politics.
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