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June 2005

Sometimes You Need a Rock
My son, Scott, and I recently returned from another father-son camp, where the adventures include a 50-foot rock-climbing wall.
The Want To
How do we foster kids' desire to make day-to-day decisions so they'll live the way God wants them to live?
Got Relevancy?
An ideal amount of relevancy will connect the message of a passage with life today—while preserving the original meaning.
"I'm Losing My Focus"
Can you get a grip when juggling your work gets out of hand?
Billy Graham's Home Field Advantage
Wherever he preaches, the great Crusader finds ways to make himself and the gospel right at home.
Leader's Insight: Forget the Silver Lining
I'm looking for something better in this dark cloud.
Slow Faith in the Fast Lane
The applied advice of Mister Rogers, and other observations from Gordon's journal.
A New Day
Two questions that every ministry leader ponders are: "Have we made a difference?" and "How can we tell?"
Create Motions for Music
Music plays an important part in a child's development, and you can use music as an effective component in reaching children for Christ.
Soaking Up Creativity
Serve up a dose of these hard-won lessons from the kid-creativity gurus, and you'll find that your Bible lessons change—which sets an exciting stage for young lives to transform.
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