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Ambition crippler

Lord, please! Send someone else.
Exodus 4:13

The first step on the road to success begins inside our heads. Until we grapple with our past failures and conquer our sense of inadequacy, we will never be able to handle success. But once we get the negative past out of our heads, we're able to journey toward a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Many typical motivational speeches—even sermons—skip this important mental step. But the negative, dream-crushing defeats in our past can drown out positive, faith-building talk. Our disappointments and failures can corrode our dreams for the future. Sure, we want to make a difference with our lives. But before we can develop a healthy ambition and a passion for God's purpose for us, before we can set our sights on God-honoring, God-pleasing success, we've got to deal with the baggage of our humanity.

When Moses was young, he made a huge mistake. He tried to take hold of his destiny and accomplish something great for God. But his timing and his methods ...

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