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My New Club

Grady Smith is on line one for you, Todd," announced my secretary. Grady never called to complain, criticize, or bare the depths of his soul—that wasn't his style. Grady usually called for one reason—golf.

"Todd," he said, "several guys are traveling down to Jekyll Island next month for a four-day golf outing. We have a spot open and wondered if you'd like to go?"

Wow! I felt like a candidate who had just won an election—thrilled to have been chosen, yet wondering how I was going to carry out the plan.

Getting away for 18 holes was hard enough. How in the world would I manage to leave town for four days, just to have fun? I wondered. What if a church member dies?

Whatever happened, I was glad to hear from Grady. I needed a break, and it would be good to spend some time with Grady and a few other guys outside my usual circles.

It takes work for ministers to have friends.

Staying out of the traps

Grady's call indicates a shift in my thinking since I started in the pastorate nearly 13 years ago. ...

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