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It's high, holy, and hard!

Fall 2003: The Calling

Volume 24

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In this Issue
From the Editor
Currents Shaping Our World: The Purpose-Driven BestSeller
Devotional tops secular charts, and your church is reading it.
Currents Shaping My Church: Has Your Church Jumped the Shark?
Leadership lessons from Fonzie's waterskiing feat.
Currents Shaping My Soul: Why Do They Love/Hate Me?
Attitudes toward a pastor emerge from deep, dark sources.
Currents: In Search of Spiritual Community
A converstation with Carmen Renee Berry
Called to What?
A Leadership Forum
How Pastors Rate as Leaders
Leadership surveys pastors and their congregations.
God's Calling Plan
So what exactly is a call to ministry?
Rescuing the Search
Jilted Again
Candidating means you gotta handle rejection.
When Your Wife Resents Your Call
A disconnect at home has a variety of causes.
The Fine Art of Rejuvenation
The Fine Art of Rejuvenation
How 3 leaders renew the call when they're confused, tired, or just plain mad.
Tired of Playing It Safe in Ministry?
Tired of Playing It Safe in Ministry?
This "pastorpreneur" heard a higher (and harder) calling.
Helping Others Answer the Call
Your response to those who feel called may affect the future course of their ministry. An interview with Maxie Dunnam
Inside Preaching
Sermon Workshop: Power in the Punch Line
How distilling your messages makes them more potent.
My Church's inferiority Complex
How one congregation traded the poor little us mindset for new confidence.
At Offering Time, My Job Is on the Line
When your congregation's financial 'inferiority' causes problems for your bank account.
I Actually Like Elders Meetings!
One question changed my tune and taught me to move in step with them.
How We Tamed the Big List
Are your to dos too long?
Thinking Global
Thinking Global
When the pastor becomes a missions force, the whole church is affected.
Growing Edge Book Review: Why Words Follow Works
When explosive evangelism fizzles and servant evangelism doesn't work, what's next?
Vic's War
Leadership's Top 40: #14
Vic's War
50 years after a regrettable bombing raid, a vet ends his silence ... because a pastor knew what to ask, and when.
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