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The resignation of our part-time music director jarred us into reality. "We need a full-time worship person," our pastor concluded, "but where do we start looking?"

Our Human Resources committee identified two challenges: finding compatible candidates, and advertising where they would be likely to look.

Every church has uniquenesses that make finding a compatible candidate both necessary and difficult. Our church, for example, belongs to the Dutch Reformed tradition. We follow the liturgical calendar and value elements of traditional worship. Yet our services are also informal, contemporary, even charismatic at times. Like many churches, we are a blend that can't be easily categorized.

In Atlanta, far from our denominational center in Michigan's Dutch country, we felt the pool of prospects drawn to our lifestyle and worship format would be small.

The second challenge, where to advertise, pushed us toward a creative solution.

"What about the Internet?" asked Barbara, a member of our committee ...

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