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8 Urgent Questions of Today's Generation

Starting with people's real concerns gives our message more credibility.

I recently served on a panel that included young Christians and pre-Christians. They were given freedom to ask questions about the credibility of Christian faith. One person (planted by me!) asked about the evidence for the resurrection. Others asked about the reliability of the Bible. They seemed politely interested in our answers.

Then someone asked how we can legitimately question homosexual identity and practice. The temperature in the room went up. Clearly, people were not politely interested at this point.

I've begun to use that experience to help me know when I'm hearing the urgent questions of today's generation. What questions evoke their intensity and concern? When do they start to get offended? What questions hit them where they live? When I hear those questions, I know I'm beginning to tap into the hearts and minds of people.

Here's a summary of some of the new questions we must face if we wish to connect with this postmodern generation.

1. Questions of power and motive. Even our ...

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