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Building Your Leaders

Not long after my arrival at the church, Mike, a committed, long-time church leader, took me to lunch. Mike had over the years pieced together, built, rebuilt, wired and re-wired, and run the church's sound system.

We had a cordial meal and chatted about worship styles and our dreams for the church. We discussed the hours and the money he had invested in our sound system. When he dropped me off at the office, Mike leaned over and said, "Don't ever forget, Pastor, I need you, but you need me, too."

I wondered if that was a request for affirmation or a warning. I soon learned it was the latter.

Months later, Mike missed an Easter sunrise rehearsal because "I've been doing it for years, and don't need it." On Easter Sunday at 6 a.m., worshipers were supposed to gather silently in the dark; timpani would begin a roll that swelled as an "angelic voice" announced the Resurrection: "Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen!" The lights would burst on; and the organ ...

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