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Turning Vision into Reality

Few books land in virtually every executive's briefcase, as "The One Minute Manager" did when it appeared. The book stayed on "The New York Times" Bestseller List for more than two years because it offered practical advice on three critical areas of leadership: goals, praisings, and reprimands.

Its co-author, Ken Blanchard, earned his doctorate in educational administration and leadership from Cornell. He has been a consultant and trainer with Chevron, Lockheed, AT&t, and other major corporations.

What few know about Blanchard is his more-recent commitment to Christianity. In "We Are the Beloved: A Spiritual Journey," he talks about "'suiting up'—deliberately accepting on faith God's unconditional love for us as manifested in his gift of grace."

Leadership met with Blanchard at his offices in Escondido, California, to find out how church leaders can create lasting, effective change. Asking the questions was Ed Ernsting, pastor of Green River Baptist Church in Auburn, Washington, and ...

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