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Significance in 7 Roles

During his sabbatical, Stu Weber wrote about seven areas in which he wants to finish well:

Personal life: I have divided my personal life into two halves—fitness and faith, physical and spiritual. My fitness goals include bringing myself down to a maintained weight of ---. My faith goals involve developing an even more personal walk with our Lord through personal study.

Marriage life: I desire to experience authentic intimacy with Lindy in the years left to us. I want to focus anew on truly cherishing her, caring for her, elevating her, seeing her blossom and fly.

Family life: I want our family to be a genuine refuge for its members in the midst of a very demanding, even hostile world. I want to provide security for our parents, true fellowship with and for our adult children, and to grandparent actively the next generation.

Friends: Lindy and I want to nourish our souls with some of the people who have enriched our lives over the years. We want to enjoy some of our long-term, key friendships. ...

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