A man can't be always defending the truth; There must be a time to feed on it."
-C.S. Lewis
Reflections on the Psalms

This issue of Christian History Magazine is the first we have done on a 20th century figure. It is our intention to treat 20th Century persons only occasionally within these pages.

The selection of Lewis coincided with a commitment to make a major dramatic film biography on his life. The film is a co-production by the BBC, Gateway Films and The Episcopal Radio-TV Foundation. Your publisher served as associate producer to the project.

Several factors made Lewis a fascinating and appropriate subject for the film production and this issue. He was a layman, not an ordained clergyman. Yet, he was one of the most effective apologists for Christianity in this century (perhaps any century), and his apologetical writings were not even his main professional activity but more of an avocation. Equally interesting is the fact that he wrote so effectively for small children as well as for intellectuals.

His secure and comfortable academic life was shattered through the death of his wife, whom he married late in life. The ravages and pain of her cancer and his devastating grief in the wake of her loss tested Lewis and his faith to its very core.

His gifted mind could not comprehend the purposes of God behind it all. Perhaps it never occurred to him that his ordeal enabled many who before could only stand at a safe distance and admire him as mentor to now move closer and love him as a brother.

Lewis left us a legacy whoes importance is yet to be fully assessed. He died on November 22, 1963, the same day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

We trust you will enjoy this issue. The next edition of this magazine will treat Jonathan Edwards.