“He was always shot through with gratitude.”

So says Russell Moore of pastor, theologian, and author Tim Keller, who died on Friday, May 19, 2023. Husband to Kathy and father of three, Keller was the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and the cofounder of Redeemer City to City. Moore believes Keller to be the most significant American evangelist since Billy Graham, a designation he explains throughout the episode.

“The death of @timkellernyc is an incalculable loss to the church, the world, to those of us who loved him, those of us he helped in our darkest hours,” Moore tweeted on Friday. “This is gain for Tim, now in the presence of Christ. He need no longer explain the reason for God, just to enjoy him forever.”

On this special episode of The Russell Moore Show, Moore shares stories of spending time with Keller, especially highlighting Keller’s remarkable approach to describing the gospel in conversations with non-Christians. He recalls the way Keller responded with profound empathy when attacked by critics. And Moore shares some of the wisdom Keller imparted to him that helped Moore make significant life decisions.

This episode features portions from conversations Moore had with Keller over the years. Listeners will hear Keller speak on forgiveness, the Resurrection, and grieving the deaths of loved ones. And they’ll hear the many and beautiful reasons why Moore will miss his dear friend.

Learn more about Keller’s life and work, and find updates about the upcoming livestream worship service honoring him, at TimothyKeller.com.

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