When Gina Cho came to the US from South Korea at four years old, she had her own challenges. She struggled to fit in at school, and often felt lonely and left out. Those challenges led her to chase after personal success for security. And she achieved it, having become a CPA, a public auditor for Coopers and Lybrand, and a VP of a high-tech sports startup. At 29, she was named “entrepreneur of the year” by Ernst and Young.

In the midst of all this success, and a family of eight, came a series of gut-punches. The 1998 stock market crash led to a domino effect that left their financial well-being in question and exposed her husband to legal risk. Ultimately, he was convicted of white collar crime and was sent to a federal prison where he has been for nine years.

What Gina Cho faced next was a series of decisions and challenges she felt wholly ill-equipped to deal with at the time. How does she maintain a thriving relationship with her husband when he’s behind bars? How can she possibly raise six children by herself? And what is she going to tell her friends and church members?

But just like when she was young, God used that challenge to grow her, this time teaching to rely not so much on earthly success, but on the grace and loving kindness of Jesus Christ. For Gina Cho, her times of weakness and brokenness have served the purpose of magnifying God’s glory in her life.

On today’s episode of The Calling, Richard Clark talks to Gina Cho about her remarkably unique life, and how a life in pursuit of success transitioned into a life of clinging to Christ for help.

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