Yesterday, a congressional hearing introduced Americans to new information on an age-old fascination, UFOs -- or, in the current parlance, UAPs, unidentified anomalous phenomena. Never short on wonder about worlds beyond our own, many have allowed this news to quickly overshadow another important story this week, that of Jaddarius Rose, a young truck driver mauled by a police dog just two days before.

This week’s episode of The Bulletin provides a helpful preventative against being so “heavenly” minded you’re no earthly good. With feet planted on terra firma and conversation rooted in the gospel, hosts Nicole Martin and editor-in-chief Russell Moore talk with special guest Rasool Berry about aliens, fear and wonder, racial pain, and the ways that hard memories can compel us toward a better future. Actor Dennis Quaid and host Mike Cosper end the episode with a discussion about music, grace, and the release of Quaid’s new album, Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners.

Join Beth Moore for a special evening as she interviews her friend, Russell Moore, about faith, culture, and his new book, Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America.

Joining us this week:
Rasool Berry serves as teaching pastor at The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New York. He also is the Director of Partnerships & Content Development with Our Daily Bread Ministries. Rasool graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree in Africana Studies and Sociology.

Rasool is a sought-after writer on the intersection of faith and culture. He’s the host of the Christianity Today sponsored Where Ya From? podcast and the writer, producer, and host of the Juneteenth: Faith & Freedom feature-length documentary. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Tamica, and their daughter.

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