Artist. Theologian. Immigrant.

These are the three words that come to mind for host Steve Cuss when he thinks of his guest, Phuc “Phu” Luu. On this episode, Luu responds to each of those terms, sharing how they make up who he is.

Cuss and Luu discuss what it means to take refuge and the significance of the fact that Jesus himself had to seek sanctuary. They talk about art as a way to depict one’s inner world and what motivates Luu to paint. Luu also reacts to the image of King Charles’s new portrait in real time on the episode (which was recorded before the vandalization of the portrait by activists).

They also discuss Luu’s book Jesus of the East and its themes, including broken harmony, the restoration of shalom, and the Korean term han—which means a sense of woundedness that is so deep there is no English equivalent. Luu also vulnerably shares what it’s like to be the only Vietnamese or minority culture person in the room.

Tune in for an episode that considers ethnicity, belonging, and the Jesus who understands everything about who we are.

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