As a child, Adopting Hope co-host Sasha Parker grew up with seven siblings; the two on either side of her had been adopted. So adoption was part of Sasha’s everyday life during her most formative years, which the Lord used to soften her heart to the needs of others.

Sasha is now herself a mother of nine – four biological and five adopted. Listen to this episode as she and Joyce discuss how God often calls families to adopt after seasons of grief or loss, and why they think that may be. And Sasha shares the tremendous benefit of learning to go with the flow in adoption—trusting that the Lord’s plan cannot be thwarted.

Make sure to come back next week, when Sasha will share part two of her family’s story!

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Produced by Mike Cosper, Joyce Koo Dalrymple, and Sasha Parker

Edited and mixed by Alex Carter

Theme song “We’ve Got This Hope” by Ellie Holcomb