This episode continues coverage from our April issue on single parents who are adopting and fostering children. To read more, here’s our cover story and editor’s note.

On the season finale of our show, hosts Joyce Dalrymple and Sasha Parker talk to Jeannine Hogg. Jeannine always wanted two things:to be a pediatrician and to have a family. The first desire came to life as she attended medical school, made her way through residency, and began to practice medicine. But as the years went by, marriage and children hadn’t become part of Hogg’s life. By her early forties, Hogg decided to pursue adoption.

Several years later, Hogg and her now six-year-old daughter have made a family together—one that’s still growing as Hogg is soon to marry a man who has a son. Tune in to the season finale of Adopting Hope for Dr. Hogg’s story of bringing her daughter into her home. Dr. Hogg shares some of the challenges, joys, and nuances of adopting as a single mother. And she offers wisdom gained from both her personal and professional life on child wellbeing, adoption, and the role of race and culture in making a family.

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