Jesus Is the Light of the Lockdown
2020 has drawn us closer to our human frailty. May it also draw us to the Incarnation.
The 144 Million and Counting
A historic election turnout augurs well for American democracy. But there is greater truth than voting can determine.
Why Evangelicals Disagree on the President
The reason we’re divided, and how we can come together.
Post-Election Civility Is Not Enough
Love keeps no record of wrongs, but it does stand up against them.
Christianity Is About Systemic Change
Why we need the one in whom all things hold together.
Keep Calm and Reboot
The Christian disciplines of self-suspicion, forgiveness, and hope all function well. We need to restart our faith in them.
John Ortberg and the Pitfalls of Pastoral Discernment
When we consent to our calling as ministers of the gospel, we assent to be public imitators of all it proclaims.
The Sweet Surrender of Salvation
By rising above self-interest we can taste the true honey of new creation.
Justice Too Long Delayed
It’s time for the church to make restitution for racial sin.
Much Ado About Nothing
When the biological appears diabolical.
An Easter Without Going to Church
The pandemic has laid an egg on our worship.
Is the Coronavirus Evil?
Or is this part of life in the world God made?
April Fools
Easter’s joke is on us.
On MLK Day, Be Still and Listen
Hearing each other is a miracle. We need to practice receiving it as such.
The Flag in the Whirlwind: An Update from CT’s President
Why our editor in chief spoke out against Trump, and why the conversation must continue.
Trump Should Be Removed from Office
It’s time to say what we said 20 years ago when a president’s character was revealed for what it was.
Christians in the Age of Callout Culture
How Christians lost the benefit of the doubt—and why we need to find the good in each other again.
God’s Mercy is More Robust Than We Think
Grace does not sabotage the pursuit of righteousness but empowers it.
The Cautionary Tale of Jerry Falwell Jr.
It’s time to remember the qualifications of biblical leadership.
How to Stop the Shootings
There is no simple solution to America's gun violence. But there is hope.

Top Story May 30, 2024

Died: Sam Butcher, Artist Who Created Precious Moments
Died: Sam Butcher, Artist Who Created Precious Moments
His porcelain figurines sold millions while he built a church inspired by the Sistine Chapel.

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