Taste and See

Agnieszka Tennant

Agnieszka Tennant

Agnieszka Tennant is a former associate editor and editor at large for Christianity Today. She earned her master's degree in international relations at the University of Chicago, where she focused on how religiously-rooted norms influence world politics. Her "Taste and See" column ran from 2006 to 2007.

Tennant: A Fishy Facebook Friend
A Fishy Facebook Friend
Shouldn't the Golden Rule apply in virtual reality?
Tennant: What To Do About Nukes
What To Do About Nukes
You may not be as powerless as you think.
Tennant: Brave New Salvation
Brave New Salvation
A vision of a sinless future.
Tennant: Desire Happens
Desire Happens
You see, you want. Then what?
Tennant: 'Ordinary' Delights
'Ordinary' Delights
Let us praise the consoling banality of good.
We Can See God Draw Near, and It Is Dizzying
Dating Jesus
When 'lover of my soul' language goes too far.
Inside CT: Agnieszka Tennant Moves On
Plethora of Talent
Agnieszka Tennant moves on.
A Velveteen Apologetic
A Velveteen Apologetic
How two creatures dig a rabbit hole in my disbelief.
What Would Jesus Buy?
What Would Jesus Buy?
Saving the world one cashmere sweater at a time.

Top Story June 13, 2024

Southern Baptists’ Nuanced Divides on Display at Annual Meeting
Southern Baptists’ Nuanced Divides on Display at Annual Meeting
From a wider slate of six candidates, president Clint Pressley takes the “strange honor” of leading the convention’s growing factions toward missional unity.

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