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The Funny, Confusing Sincerity of ‘The Book of Clarence’
Jeymes Samuel’s anachronistic biblical epic nods to classics like “Ben-Hur” and “Life of Brian”—and ends with a surprisingly earnest view of Christ.
‘Humanity Laid Bare’: A ‘Freud’s Last Session’ Q&A
Actor Matthew Goode and director Matthew Brown talk about adapting a stage play, understanding C.S. Lewis, and disagreeing well.
To Animation and Beyond, Cartooning Pastor Hopes for the Next Big Thing
The silly space adventurer started small, but shows the potential for a faith-based, family friendly series.
Pull Together Now
George Clooney’s “The Boys in the Boat” is a nostalgic true story for a divided America.
Surprised by Freud
A new movie, “Freud’s Last Session,” imagines a dialogue—and a friendship—between the famed psychologist and C.S. Lewis.
Appreciating the Art of Divine Surprise
Scripture is full of stories inspiring awe. Are we allowing ourselves to be astonished?
Christmas Doesn’t Need Saving
Holiday specials remind us of a salvation we already have.
‘Wonka’ Is Sweet on Capitalism
Timothée Chalamet’s update to Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka gives a cheery lesson in hard work, kindness, and the benefits of the free market.
‘Have You Considered My Servant Kevin?’
A new film, “The Shift,” is an entertaining, thoughtful, and cinematically competent retelling of Job.
Netflix’s ‘Leo’ Is About a Talking Lizard—and Learning from Your Elders
Adam Sandler’s new kids’ movie is an entertaining musical with an unlikely lesson in intergenerational discipleship.
Napoleon Uncomplex
Ridley Scott’s “Napoleon” is well-cast, well-made, and without a thought-provoking theory of its subject’s world-changing appeal.
The Dangers of a Psychedelic Gospel
Psychotropic drugs are often marketed as a gateway to spiritual encounters. But what are the risks to believers?
‘All the Light We Cannot See’ Reminds Me to Look for God
The novel and Netflix show explore scriptural themes of light and dark—and the cosmic reign of Christ.
How True Crime Can Create a False Reality
Criminal dramas are becoming more popular today, but at what cost to a Christian’s conscience?
‘Can You Find the Wolves in This Picture?’
Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” probes the unacknowledged darkness in every human heart.
‘No One Will Save You’ Has Evangelical Aliens
The new sci-fi horror flick by former missionary kid Brian Duffield has an unusual spiritual spin.
It’s Eden Somewhere
The late Jimmy Buffett’s songs and the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien both long for a home just beyond reach.
Put Off Your Old Self-Making
An interview with author Tara Isabella Burton on the history of self-creation—and how the habit usurps our need for God.
Barbie and Taylor Swift Are Bringing Us Together
Beyond hot pink and bejeweled outfits, they showcase a deeper desire for community and collective joy.
How Horror Uncovers Our ‘Holy’ Hypocrisy
Sometimes the blatant evils portrayed in scary movies and shows can reveal the more subtle sins within us.

Top Story July 20, 2024

Historic First Baptist Dallas Sanctuary Burns in Four-Alarm Fire
Historic First Baptist Dallas Sanctuary Burns in Four-Alarm Fire
The 134-year-old landmark, now a nearby secondary meeting space for the church, went up in flames in downtown Dallas.

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