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Are the Global Methodists Evangelical?
Here’s why the new denomination may or may not fit the label.
Four Views on What American Christians Think About the Israel-Hamas War
Recent survey finds strong support for sometimes conflicting agendas, but also many believers who are still “not sure” what to advocate for.
How Can Older Believers Better Support Gen Z?
The next generation values open-mindedness and is highly skeptical of religious institutions. But they haven’t given up on God.
Can Christians Do Yoga? Indian Believers Weigh In
Surveying the spectrum of Christian views on the traditionally Hindu practice, from wellness to spiritual caution.
How Should We Then Live Among Muslims? Four Arab Christian Views
Theological advice on how Middle East believers in Jesus can best witness to their faith, keep social peace, and maintain unity.
Should Christians Support Making Birth Free?
In the wake of Roe’s 50th anniversary, four believing experts discuss the merits and challenges of the Make Birth Free proposal.
Is Christmas a ‘Western’ Holiday in Asia?
Theologians and church leaders around the region share how December 25 is perceived in their contexts.
Should Christians Support Indonesia Criminalizing Cohabitation and Extramarital Sex?
Local leaders weigh in on the Muslim-majority nation’s new penal code and whether governments should legislate morality.
Self-Proclaimed Messiahs and Other Southeast Asian Heresies
Misconceptions about the Trinity and the exclusivity of Christ prevail.
‘Two Taels of Bread’ and Other East Asian Heresies
Misconceptions about Jesus, Scripture, and salvation prevail.
Is Student Loan Forgiveness Biblical?
Christians are divided over whether Biden’s promise to cancel student debt is ethical and just from a scriptural standpoint.
Are the Precise Words of Baptism Important?
Pastors weigh in on the critical formulation of the sacrament.
Should Christians Participate in the Day of the Dead?
The Mexican holiday is more prominent than ever. Three evangelicals who’ve seen Día de los Muertos up close weigh in.
Do Flags Belong in Churches? Pastors Around the World Weigh In.
Christian cases for yes, no, and flying other nations’ flags as congregations balance love of God, neighbor, and country.
Should Pastors Speak Up About the COVID-19 Vaccine?
With Christians split on the issue, some urge vaccination as a form of neighborly love, while others leave it up to conscience.
When Is It a Sin to Vote for a Political Candidate?
Christians consider the moral weight of the ballot.
Why Brazil’s Churches Closed, Even Though President Bolsonaro Disagrees
Evangelical leaders explain why heeding public health experts on COVID-19 doesn’t violate their faith but instead demonstrates it.
Should Environmental Concerns Be a Major Priority for a Christian Business Owner?
Experts weigh in from the Lausanne Movement’s Global Workplace Forum.

Top Story April 17, 2024

Finding an Uncontainable God Within Finite Poetic Spaces
Finding an Uncontainable God Within Finite Poetic Spaces
Eastern Orthodox poet Scott Cairns reflects on his new collection, his journey of faith, and poetry’s capacity to apprehend inexhaustible realities.

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