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Health Care Reform's Final Round?
Sojourners and Evangelicals for Social Action fight for "health care justice"; other groups urge starting over. Plus, conservatives grow frustrated by libertarians and coddlers of killer whales.
New Conservative Manifesto
Conservatives sign a statement on their shared values; plus, the American Family Association raises eyebrows over its discussion of Muslim soldiers, capital punishment, and Pepsi.
Tebow Ad Scores With Pro-Life Groups
Pro-life groups cheer for surprisingly subtle Focus on the Family Superbowl ad. Plus, talk about Haiti's foreign debt, gays in the military, immigration, and recommendations from Planned Parenthood.
FRC, AFA Say Gay Sex Should Be a Crime
The debate over antisodomy laws moves from Uganda back to the U.S. Also: Groups debate immigration reform, abstinence education, and Scott Roeder.
The State of the Union is Frustrating
The President's first State of the Union address disappointed some conservative advocacy groups who hoped he would strike a bipartisan tone.
He's No Ted Kennedy
Pro-life groups celebrate Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts and rally against a Planned Parenthood center in Houston.
Haitian Shockwaves
In a week full of political fights over same-sex marriage, groups pause to raise funds for Haiti relief efforts.
What Is Today's Greatest Moral Issue?
It may not top the list for evangelical leaders, but sports made the front page for political groups this week.
'Health Care King Herod Would Love!'
Advocacy groups wrap up an unusually busy Christmas season and prepare for 2010.
Political Prayers and Petitions
As political rhetoric focused on evil and injustice this week, prayer seemed to be the strategy of choice.
The Worst Week For Conservatives
Conservatives are licking their wounds from fights over abortion funding, health care reform, a gay-rights nominee, embryonic stem cell research, and Uganda's anti-gay law.
Who Backs Obama's Afghanistan Strategy
Like the rest of us, advocacy groups came back from the Thanksgiving holiday to find a long to-do list waiting for them, filled with issues at home and abroad.
What Does the Manhattan Declaration Really Mean?
Also: advocacy groups gear up for the Christmas shopping season with politics and compassion.
Will Abortion Derail Health Care Reform?
The Senate moves closer to a vote on health care reform, groups argue over presidential appointments, and the Family Research Council issues a correction.
Fear of Muslims and Fear of Bigotry
As Congress took most of the week off for Veterans Day, groups reacted to the tragedy at Fort Hood and a surprise pro-life victory in the health care debate.
After Election Day, the Vote Everyone Has Been Waiting For
Tuesday brought big news on same-sex unions and the election outcomes of conservative candidates, but all eyes are now on the health-care bill.
Health Care Cacophony
Plus: D.C. debates gay marriage, President Obama approves a new hate crimes law, and other issues advocacy groups were talking about this week.
Dobson: 'It's Coming Apart'
Conservative groups focus on Kevin Jennings, Chai Feldblum, and gay-rights legislation.
Peace, Peace—But Is There Peace?
What Christian political groups said this week about the Nobel Prize, immigration reform, the hate crimes bill, and other issues.
A Czar, a Cross, and Prayer Chain for Liberals
Conservative groups take aim at safe schools 'czar' Kevin Jennings. The Supreme Court considers the fate of a cross in the Mojave Desert. And all while Congress continues to work on health care.

Top Story June 17, 2024

Died: Disgraced Southern Baptist Leader Paul Pressler
Died: Disgraced Southern Baptist Leader Paul Pressler
The Texas judge behind the political strategy for the “conservative resurgence” molested and assaulted teenage boys, according to allegations eight men made in court.

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