From the President

The Stage or the Cross?
Why we tell the stories of Christlike servants.
The Messiah Is Coming
And his kingdom is global.
We Live in a Global Generation
CT’s growing international team will serve the world’s growing church.
Why We Put Christ Above Clicks
The marketplace rewards scorn. CT has always sought a better way.
No Hero But Christ
When we divide the church into good guys and villains, we rob God of glory.
Brokenness to Beauty
CT’s new initiatives to bind the fractured church together again.
Timely and Eternal
CT’s best coverage wraps current events in timeless truths.
To the Ends of the Earth
More than ever, we need the stories of God’s work around the globe.
Joy That Won’t Wither
Politics fade. Our hope endures forever.
Minding the Gap
We won’t solve our problems by retreating to the extremes.
When Healing Hurts
Do we want to get well?
Life Amid the Ruin
Don’t miss the forest for the falling trees.
For Such a Time as This
Will we rise to the challenge history has thrust upon us?
Medium Matters
Like Christians of old, we’re embracing the new.
New Editor, Old Roots
Daniel Harrell adds to CT’s legacy of deep Christian thinking and leadership.
Lighting the Way Back Home
Our ongoing call to offer clarity in confusing times.
In Kolkata as It Is in Suburbia
How CT can cast a global vision.
Lifting our Eyes
Amid challenges, it's tempting to keep our heads down.
The School for Love
Can our church regain its passion for God?
What Billy Graham Taught Me
The humble heroism of everyday faithfulness.

Top Story September 22, 2023

PEPFAR Fight Worries African Christian Leaders
PEPFAR Fight Worries African Christian Leaders
Those in the countries where the HIV/AIDS program has saved millions of lives feel sidelined by the American debate.

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