Christian History Corner

Festival of Fears
What's scarier than Halloween? The anxieties that drive it.
"Christian History Corner: God Bless, More or Less"
Irving Berlin's anthem captures America.
A Muslim Perspective on War
"Muslim response to the Crusades showed jihad in action, and while the grievances have changed, the rhetoric still echoes."
Apocalypse Not
"As speculations mount regarding the significance of recent events in God's plan for the end of the world, voices from the past urge restraint."
Forget 'Normal'
C.S. Lewis's warning against panic during World War II resonates in our new crisis
'He Does Not War'
"In the Anabaptist tradition, a Christian must never fight back."
Raiders of the Lost R
"Documentary on School skips religious history, giving a skewed account of American education."
The House That Jack Built
C.S. Lewis and six of his literary friends open their doors to students and researchers at Wheaton College's impressive new Wade Center facility
A Time For War?
Augustine's just war theory continues to guide the West
Eyewitness to a Massacre
"The bloodbath that started on August 24, 1572, left thousands of corpses and dozens of disturbing questions"
Live Long and Prosper
"Though a recent survey raises questions, the health benefits of faith have been documented for centuries."
Explaining the Ineffable
"In Heaven Below, a former Pentecostal argues that his ancestors were neither as outlandish as they seemed nor as otherworldly as they wish to seem."
Into the Land of Imagination
Lewis defined reason as the natural organ of truth and imagination as the organ of meaning.

Top Story July 17, 2024

A Renewed Invitation to Seek the Kingdom
A Renewed Invitation to Seek the Kingdom
In these fractured times, we want to focus on Jesus’ call to chase after his will.

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