As a journalist, if I summed up 2020 in one word, it would be disinformation. Part of this year, of course, has been defined by its lack of information. How does COVID-19 spread? How long are people contagious? Is it safe to sing at church? But much of my and my fellow reporters’ efforts have been contending with false claims about billionaires influencing the virus, election hacking schemes, an agenda behind mask mandates, and a little conspiracy theory known as QAnon.

Each week on Quick to Listen, I consider the volume of information that we present. Our episodes on Belarus and Armenia this year took me into parts of the world I knew little about and introduced me to geopolitical spaces I’ve never really had to consider. I realize that the fields of knowledge we bring listeners into are vast and complex, and I’m humbled that so many of you are open to learning this much.

My hope for the show is that we are giving you not only more information but also the tools to fight disinformation, and that you would feel shaped in your ability to ask questions, think critically, and dive into the Bible when you encounter complexity. I aspire to produce a podcast that forms and informs. With that in mind, below are some of my favorite episodes that I believe do both. They are arranged in chronological order from the start of the year forward.

Morgan Lee, Quick to Listen co-host and producer

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