This week, a number of popular shows have been updated on Netflix, including season six of Parks and Recreation and season four of The Walking Dead. Get caught up before the premieres of the new seasons! And kids can settle in over on Amazon Prime with its updated collection of Blue’s Clues episodes.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime subscribers can argue over the ending of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother, now that the services have added season nine. The rollercoaster series finale left most fans somewhere on a scale of disappointed to furious, but those same fans admit the show ended with the trademark sentimentality they loved. TIME’s James Poniewozik offers a thoughtful but spoiler-heavy review of the show here.

The much-anticipated fourth season of Scandal arrives this week. Read her take on the moral significance of Scandal and the modern political drama genre as a whole here.

Indiewire published two excellent lists this week for movie lovers looking for something old or something new in Netflix’s most recent releases. If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 90s, you can take your pick of classics here; if you’re eager to see the latest and greatest of indie film, you can check out a few hidden gems here.

Jessica Gibson is an intern with Christianity Today Movies and a student at The King’s College in New York City.