Actor Jeremy Irons spoke out against gay marriage last week in a HuffPostLive interview that's taken the internet by storm. Although he considers himself a libertarian, the star worries that redefining marriage would "debase or change what marriage is." He continued to argue that a father could potentially marry his son, as incest law is justified by worries of genetics. After taking a barrage of criticism, he released a statement saying that while he is in no way anti-gay, his argument was "mischievous but nonetheless valid."

The geopolitical tightrope walk of Iron Man 3 continued over the weekend with a red carpet gala inside Taimaio Temple in the Forbidden City of Beijing. This marks the first time a Western film (or a Western birthday—Robert Downey Jr. turned 48 last week) has been celebrated inside the icon of Eastern mystery. Read more and see pictures here.

Guillermo del Toro is ruthlessly assembling the cast for his upcoming gothic horror piece Crimson Peak. Jessica Chastain is the latest victim, but she joins an already glittering company of Benedict Cumberbatch, Emma Stone, and Charlie Hunnam. Read more details here.

Movies haven't been doing very well recently—for most of the past ten weekends, box office totals have been below what they were last year. But this weekend, Evil Dead grossed $24.2 million, and Jurassic Park 3D got $18.2 million. Read more box office stats here. (It's worth considering why horror movies are known as the industry's foolproof profit-maker, and what that says about us.)