Disney announced yesterday that starting in 2015 they plan to release a new Star Wars film every year, alternating between sequels and spinoffs that focus on particular characters, like Boba Fett or perhaps a young Han Solo. Read more here and here.

Vince Vaughn's career may be on the rise again. The star of Old School and Wedding Crashers recently hosted Saturday Night Live, and his new movie The Internship with Owen Wilson opens in theaters June 7. He is also in final talks to star in Business Trip, about an American businessman's misadventures while travelling to Europe. Read more here.

The full list of films accepted to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival has been released, including The Great Gatsby, Zulu, and Only God Forgives. Read the full list here.

Tom Cruise's sci-fi epic Oblivion opens in U.S. theaters tomorrow, and is expected to do well at the box office. The star is staying in sci-fi—he has just become attached to Yukikaze, a film adaptation of a series of Japanese sci-fi novels by Chohei Kambayashi. The film focuses on Earth several years after an alien invasion. While fighting the aliens on Earth, humanity prepares an elite task force to make a crippling strike at the aliens' home planet. Read more here.

At CinemaCon this week, several film executives executives discussed how they've been forced to cut the number of hours they allow part-time employees to work because of new regulations surrounding healthcare. Read more here.