Style: Classical pop; compare to Celtic Woman, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Josh Groban

Top tracks: "Poor Wayfaring Pilgirm," "I Got a Name," "Girl of Constant Sorrow"

With most of its members having honed musical chops at prestigious Juilliard, the Wolaver family—aka "Annie Moses Band"—has long used its harmonious expertise to encourage artistic integrity in young musicians via their annual Nashville Fine Arts Summer Academy, popular PBS specials, and respected independent discography. Blueprinted by accessible pop, the siblings' violin, cello, harp, keyboards, and layered vocals execute a combination of classical, folk, and Celtic strains expertly here, but sappy lyrical rhymes and public television-like pop theatrics occasionally crowd the central talent. But a cover of Jim Croce's 1970 hit, "I Got a Name," and Annie's tongue-in-cheek "Girl of Constant Sorrow" are big wins.

Pilgrims & Prodigals
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 25, 2012
Manalive Records
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