Style: New Age Irish folk; compare to Celtic Thunder, Enya, Charlotte Church

Top tracks: "The Foxhunter," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Ave Maria"

Popularized by PBS specials, Celtic Woman is a group of talented women who specialize in Irish music. Bagpipes, fiddles, and pan flutes are heard often here, along with New Age staples like wind chimes and overdramatic choruses. Boasting the same musical director that brought us Riverdance, Celtic Woman is also at its best in a live performance. Without the sparkling gowns and onstage flair, the album alone only feels like half an experience. It's like listening to the soundtrack from The Lion King instead of watching the movie or the stage show—you can enjoy it on its own but you just aren't getting the whole package.

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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
January 24, 2012
Celtic Woman
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