Sounds like: Emotional pop/rock; compare to Tori Amos, Neil Finn, The Swell Season

Top tracks: "Take Off Your Shoes," "V.I.P.," "4th & Vine"

For someone known more for her offstage antics, it's almost a relief to find O'Connor in full creative bloom. This furious and beautiful collection of songs is one of the strongest statements the Irish songstress has made in years (fair warning: several songs feature foul language). O'Connor takes the Catholic Church to task for its response to abuse scandals with the same bitter remorse as she does failed relationships. Apart from a few silly moments, it's not a happy album, but it leaves listeners with much to think about, especially in the gorgeously droning album closer "V.I.P." that asks: "Tell me what's a real V.I.P. / And who are we are we to give that name to us / When we can barely raise a finger / To help our own sisters and brothers?"

How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
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Release Date
February 21, 2012
One Little Independent Records
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