Style: Megachurch worship; compare to Aaron Shust, Rita Springer, Paul Baloche

Top tracks: "Under Grace," "Hope for Humanity," "You Are Love"

Zschech has sold 5 million records, including her pioneering work with Hillsong Music. What you think of modern worship music is what you'll think of You Are Love. Fans will love its swelling strings and emotive, sing-along anthems anchored by Zschech's warm, intimate vocals. She can sound like Sara Bareilles singing from a prayer journal. Press materials aptly describe the collection as "soaring choruses alongside simple, heartfelt expressions of praise." It's that simple that's a problem. Sincere, biblical, worshipful—sure. But too often lyrically generic and mired in cliché—especially when a chorus such as "You hear the cry of the broken" gets repeated nine times in a row ("Cry of the Broken").

You Are Love
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2 Stars - Fair
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Release Date
September 6, 2011
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