Style: Soulful R&B; compare to Group 1 Crew, Mandisa, Natalie Grant, Jordin Sparks

Top tracks: "Holding On," "One Song at a Time," "Hold Me"

Since age 11, Atlanta's Jamie Grace has been touring with the goal of sharing the gospel with peers while also speaking about her personal battle with Tourette's syndrome. Now 19, she was discovered by tobyMac on YouTube, leading to a deal with Gotee Records. Shades of her unique testimony, along with bountiful R&B vocals, permeate this debut disc, which features a cameo from tobyMac on first single "Hold Me." There are a few formulaic arrangements, but the production is cutting edge and the songwriting sunny. Overall, Grace has the stuff of stardom, and a compelling back story adds to her appeal.

One Song at a Time
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 20, 2011
Gotee Records
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