Style: Worshipful pop/rock; compare to Delirious, Jars of Clay, Ben Folds Five

Top tracks: "The Great Awakening," "I Can See Your Love," "Not Afraid Anymore"

Leeland aims big with its fourth album, which takes its name from one of the most significant religious revivals in recorded history and, according to the band, takes its inspiration from guys like Jonathan Edwards. The record feels appropriately epic, and suitably zealous; it's a big, worship-rock experience that sticks fairly close to the genre's sonic hallmarks and vertical lyrics even while throwing in a few of the band's own stylistic wrinkles. Some of them work—especially the quirky piano pop in the title track and the electronic jitters of "I Can See Your Love"—but several songs feel leaden, especially the nine-minute excess of "All Over the Earth." Nothing quite suggests Edwards' brand of holy fire, but the passion is nevertheless undeniable.

The Great Awakening
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 20, 2011
Essential Records
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