Style: Lush, whimsical pop, recalling The Beatles, Andrew Bird, and Brian Wilson

Top tracks: "The Fall," "Listen," "EGBDF"

Shive's new record comes accompanied by evocative artwork that suggests Where the Wild Things Are by way of a Tim Burton movie—like maybe it's a collection of (slightly demented) kids' music. But this is very much a record for all ages, a gloriously playful album that sparkles with childlike wonder and pure imagination. Shive recorded the album in hotel rooms, mostly—thank God for ProTools—but the results are surprisingly lush, awash with Beach Boys harmonies and Sgt. Pepper pop sophistication, with a dash of Andrew Bird's string-led whimsy thrown in for good measure. His lyrics are wildly creative; attentive listeners will pick up some clear nods to the biblical prophets, lending gravity to a transporting collection of songs.

The Cymbal Crashing Clouds
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Release Date
September 26, 2011
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