Style: Unashamed and unusual worship music; compare to Half-Handed Cloud, Danielson, Beck

Top tracks: "Mighty Rushing Wind," "All Authority," "Glory In You"

Stepping out on his own for the first time, Glen Galloway (working here under his stage name) has come up with a collection of songs that sounds, well, pretty much like you would expect from the man who fronts Soul-Junk. All the hallmarks of the SJ sound are here: the jerry-rigged beats, Galloway's reedy and charming singing voice, and a playful spirit that leavens even the heaviest messages of praise. If there's anything to separate it from his work with SJ it's the lack of discursive moves into noise or experimental collages. What it gains is a boldly worshipful heart that, as he sings on "Great Is The Lord," "gives praise most excellently."

Thank You
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Release Date
March 1, 2011
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