Style: Singer/songwriter Americana; compare to Griffin House, Thad Cockrell, Jakob Dylan

Top tracks: "Show Some Heart," "Gavel," "Come on Something"

Alligood, a Nashville-based singer/songwriter, may not be a household name but his music is instantly universal. With the pangs of plucking nylon strings, weeping bends of pedal steel and thrusts of Americana rock, plus the folk skills of producer Kenny Hutson (Over the Rhine, Julie Lee), Alligood canvasses common human experiences with haunting realness. Though his verses depict a man unafraid to confront his emotions, it is his most tender lines ("Come on Jesus … take me kicking / Take me screaming / Take these tears from my eyes," from "Come on Something") that convey surrender and makes his sorrowful lines so appealing.

I Have Not Seen the Wind
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Release Date
March 15, 2011
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