Style: Soulful gospel with luscious arrangements; compare to Fred Hammond and Israel Houghton.

Top tracks: "I Smile" "Something About the Name Jesus Pt 2" and "Before I Die"

With a timely and relevant message, lyrical depth, and arrangements that draw the listener into a state of worship, there is not much more you could ask from Franklin's tenth studio album. "I Am" displays his gift for choral arrangements and the true talent of his singers. "Before I Die" showcases his ability to write infectious beats and a singable chorus. The album is as moving and powerful as Nu Nation Project, Franklin's most noted album; he even does a wonderful reprise of "Something About the Name Jesus" from Nu Nation. But the most touching part of the album is "I Smile," which could lift anyone out of the doldrums and give them hope.

Hello Fear
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
March 22, 2011
Sony Legacy
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